Selected Recordings

Precious Metals Ron Reid (Jazz Urbane Recordings), 2017

Why Do You Ride? Darrel Katz and the JCA Orchestra (Leo Records), 2014

Sem Traduçao-Without Translation Fernando Brandao (Fernando Brando), 2015

Breaking News New World Jazz Composers Octet Big and Phat Jazz Productions (BPJ1022), 2012

Transitions New World Jazz Composers Octet
Big and Phat Jazz Productions (BPJ1021), 2010
Meta Mambo


No Place to Hide New World Jazz Composers Octet
Big and Phat Jazz Productions (BPJ1019), 2007
No Place To Hide


Quintet The Bubeck/Smith Quintet

Big and Phat Jazz Productions (BPJ 1020), 2007
Big John’s Song


A Collective Directive Daniel Ian Smith. Big and Phat Jazz Productions. (BPJ1018) 2002
(Received 3 1/2 star review inDownBeat, 3 stars in Cadence ’03)


Dialogues Daniel Ian Smith w/Yuki Arimasa Duo. Big and Phat Jazz Productions (BPJ1017) 1997

Recontradoble  The Pablo Ablanedo Octet Creative Nation Music 2013

The Situation Mark Poniatowski. Forty Five by Ninety Music 2010

A Wallflower in the Amazon Darrel Katz and the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra. Accurate (AC-5059) 2010

Till We Meet Again The Winnie Dahlgren Sextet.  Danish release 2010

Eye Music The Joe Mulholland Sextet. Rose Records 2000

An Aardvark Christmas Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.  9 Winds (NWCD0201) 1997

The Seeker Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Leo Records (leo lab CD068) 1999

Bethlehem Counterpoint featuring  Sheila Jordan. Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. (Aardmuse CD102) 2002

Duke Ellington/Sacred Music Aardvark Jazz Orchestra (Aardmuse CD103) 2002

Different Songs Mark Shilansky. 2000 (independent release)

Armchair Safari Paul Bouley. 1998 (independent release)

Expo ’70 Jyoji Sawada. DIW Records, Japan, 1997

Understanding Music Jeremy Yudkin. Sony Music Special Products (24945). 1996 Prentice-Hall Inc./1996 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

I’m Me & You’re Not, the Music of Darrell Katz J.C.A. Saxophone Quartet. Brownstone Records (BRCD9906) 1999

George W. Carroll George Carroll featuring the Big and Phat Jazz Orchestra. Cherry Street Records (CSR 1005 2) 1996